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Age Requirements

To receive discount fares based on age, please check that the qualifications below are met. If there are only adult fares available for your itinerary, we will quote adult fares.

Senior: To qualify for available senior fares, passengers must be age 60 or over.

Youth: To qualify for available youth fares, passengers must be 25 and under.

Child: : Age requirements to qualify for child fares vary by product and country. Please check the details for the specific product you select. Please note that ages 4 through 11 generally qualify for the child fares except for:

  • Austria: Ages 6-15
  • Belgium: Ages 6-11
  • Bulgaria: Ages 6-11
  • Denmark: Ages 6-15
  • Czech Republic: Ages 6-11
  • Finland: Ages 6-16
  • Germany: Ages 4-14
  • Great Britain: Ages 5-15
  • Hungary: Ages 6-13
  • Luxemburg: Ages 6-11
  • Norway: Ages 4-15
  • Republic of Ireland: Ages 4-15
  • Slovakia: Ages 6-11
  • Slovenia: Ages 6-11
  • Switzerland: Ages 6-15


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Terms & Conditions for Trade Agents on

These terms and conditions apply to your booking of tickets with brought to you by International Rail .

1.  Your contract is with the carrier, tour operator, or other service provider. We act only as an agent and accept no liability for any matters arising from or otherwise connected with your contract.  The general booking conditions and specific conditions applicable to each particular ticket type (as displayed on this website) apply to your booking of tickets with International Rail , except as varied by these conditions.

2.  Use of this website is limited to organisations who arrange travel for third parties and to those individuals within those organisations whom you have authorised to use this website.  Use of this website is also limited to organisations who have accepted the website usage conditions and the applicable privacy policy.

You must be authorised by us to use this website and have an up to date login identification.  You must be authorised by your customer to purchase tickets on their behalf and you must also have your customer’s acceptance of the conditions referred to above and of our privacy policy in relation to our use of information.  Telephone bookings may be made for which a fee is payable.  The terms and conditions referred to above apply also to the purchase of tickets by telephone.

3.  You must keep secure the login identification that we give to you and ensure that only those employees authorised by you to make bookings on this website are authorised to use it.  You will ensure that your authorised employees are sufficiently trained to operate the booking system efficiently.  In the case of persistent failure to log in, you should email

4.  We pay commission on the sale of tickets at the rate specified on each product page which may be varied by us from time to time. Periodically we will send you a statement of ticket sales on which commission will be paid and a cheque for the amount stated will follow.  You accept that the payment of commission is entirely at our discretion.

5.  You must ensure that all applicable conditions that apply to each ticket type are communicated to your customer and incorporated into any contract so as to be enforceable.  You agree to procure compliance with the conditions of use & sale of tickets as displayed on this site’s individual product pages which may be varied from time to time.

6. You will indemnify International Rail against any liability to pay compensation to any person and from any losses costs and damages (including loss of revenue) as a result of any fault of yours or the non observance of these conditions. You acknowledge that we have no liability for the failure of any carrier, tour operator or other service provider.

7.  You accept that tickets are subject to availability.  Your ability to book tickets online using this website may be suspended or terminated by us at any time at our discretion.

8.  Where we undertake the dispatch of tickets, these are sent to the address in Great Britain that you specify by Royal Mail Special Delivery at the applicable price.  Bookings received before 15h00 on any working day are processed on the same day.  You should allow at least three working days for delivery.  Special arrangements apply to bookings received outside this timescale.  If you undertake dispatch of tickets you must ensure that the same timescales are adhered to and provide an after sales service which is acceptable to us.  We make every effort to ensure that all tickets booked through us are issued correctly and efficiently but in the event of any error or delay occurring in connection with the booking or the issue of tickets, our maximum liability will be to refund the price of the ticket.

9. You represent that you are authorised by your customer to purchase tickets on behalf of your customer and that all information that you provide is correct. Payment may be made only by the methods specified.  If payment is made using a customer’s credit card, then you are confirming that you have their authorisation to use their card and if for any reason (e.g. fraud) repayment has to be made to your customer, you accept that you will be liable to International Rail for the amount charged instead of your customer. In any case where a ticket is cancelled in accordance with the applicable conditions you will remain liable for the price of the ticket (less any commission ) until we confirm that cancellation has been processed.  Refunds are only made (where the conditions permit) using the same method used for the purchase of the tickets.

10.  You agree to keep detailed records of all transactions relating to your purchase and sale of tickets and permit us or our authorised representatives to inspect these at any time.  You agree to observe all applicable laws relating to the sale of tickets.

11.  Where credit facilities are made available to you, you will not exceed any limit that may apply. You will obtain payment from your customer prior to confirming your booking. In any event payment will be due to us whether or not it has been received by you.  You accept that facilities may be withdrawn at any time.  Whilst you enjoy credit facilities there must remain in place a direct debit mandate which enables us to collect all sums due.  At our request you will provide a bond in an amount we specify.  If a valid direct debit request is rejected, we will charge interest at 4% over the base rate from time to time in force of NatWest Bank plc daily until payment is received.

12.  You acknowledge that changes may be made to these terms and conditions that may affect your use of this website at any time.